Landscape Grading and Site Preparation Construction Maintenance Materials

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Since 1978, Northern Landscaping has helped hundreds of families and businesses in Parkland County, Stony Plain, and Spruce Grove with all of their landscaping needs.

Site Preparation

We'll prepare your building site by removing trees, leveling land, building up lots, draining property and more.

Rough and Final Grading

We have the equipment — and the know-how — to artistically sculpt your yard or property into the shape and design of your imagination!

Topsoil Supply and Placement

Grass doesn't grow on gravel or clay! Let us supply and apply a few inches of rich black dirt across your yard — and put a few extra inches in where you want some gardens!

Grass Seeding and Sodding

Whether it's a small yard or a few acres, we can turn it from brown to green! We'll either sow and nurture top-grade grass seed or apply sod wherever you need it.

Retaining Walls and Paving Stones

Building these is hard work! Let us do all of the proper site preparation like leveling and compacting. Then,we'll build you walls to keep the earth back, and paths and driveways to walk and park your vehicles on.

Trees and Shrubs

Not only can be supply and deliver hardy, high-quality shrubs and trees, using our tree spade we can also install them for you!

Shoreline Restoration

Restoring lakefront and riverfront properties from erosion and property loss.
Farmers, cottagers, acreage owners — let us help you rejuvenate your shore and reclaim your land!
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