Our Services

Site preparation

We offer a full-range of landscaping services in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Parkland County.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

Site Preparation

Are you developing a new area?  We can prepare your building site by removing trees, leveling land, draining property and more.

Rough Grading

We rough grade small residential lots to larger commercial areas.

Final Grading

We guarantee your final grading will meet the specifications in your area.

Yard renovations

We provide full renovation services for finished yards  from minor work to complete overhauls.

Driveway and Pad Construction

We can complete all required basework for your driveway,  garage or shop pad from the initial excavation work to final preparation prior to asphalt or concrete.

Topsoil and Seeding

We can supply and spread topsoil to final grade elevations and seed with your desired seed mixture using the proper equipment.


We can provide and install your sod using either small hand rolls for the smaller jobs or larger rolls laid with equipment for bigger jobs.


We can help solve your drainage problems by checking elevations with proper survey equipment and re-grading, and/ or  providing various geo-technical solutions.

Erosion Control

We can acquire and install various products to reduce your erosion problems.

Trees and Shrubs

We can acquire and plant trees and shrubs of your choice.  A deep watering using our own water truck and spike will help ensure a healthy start.

Grass Cutting

We do both large area rough cutting and finish mowing.

Road Side Ditch Grading Topsoil and Seeding

We offer this service for larger development areas,  such as commercial or acreage subdivisions.

Paving Stones

We install patios,  driveway  and sidewalks.

Retaining Walls

We offer either block or wood construction options.

Snow Plowing

We offer winter snow plowing services at hourly rates.


We offer general trucking, bobcat services, tractor, dozer and small excavating services.